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Hellloooo!!!! We’re back!! Holiday’s over. Back to cooking “normal” food! Our parents are still here, which means we’re taking complete advantage of my mom and “making” her do some videos with us.

And speaking of our parents… Let me tell you a little story that inspired us to post this recipe today.

The other day, we were out food shopping with my parents. My dad was, as he usually likes to do, browsing the aisles, looking at every shelf and every product. As we get to the refrigerated section, he stops and stares at an entire wall of humus containers. He picks up a roasted red pepper one, looks at it, makes a face, puts it down. Picks up a black bean one, does the same. A couple of minutes later, he looks at me and says: “Why do they call this hummus? This isn’t hummus”. Shakes his head, turns around and walks away.

Most of you probably think he was overreacting, right? Well, not really.

See, when it comes to food (especially food he grew up eating), my dad is a purist. He’s been making humus himself, by hand, since he was a kid. No fancy ingredients. Just chick peas, tahini, lemon juice, salt and a mortar and pestle. That’s it. Anything other than that, as far as he’s concerned, is not called humus.

So to stay true to our roots, here’s the traditional humus recipe we grew up with. Unadulterated… minus the mortar and pestle!

Prep time: 10 minutes

Ingredients (yields approx. 2 cups)

  1. 1-15oz can of chick peas (we use Eden Organic)
  2. ¾ cup tahini (sesame paste)
  3. 1/3 cup lemon
  4. 1 small clove of garlic (optional)
  5. Salt to taste
  • Combine all the ingredients in the food processor and blend till smooth (for thinner humus, add a little bit of water)
  • ENJOY! From May I have that recipe