So here we are! We’ve been waiting for this since the moment we booked our trip 8 weeks ago. It feels so good to be here!!

We arrived yesterday morning, rested and unpacked our bags and today, we spent the day just walking around, enjoying the city. We’re a little jet lagged of course, but we should be all adjusted in a couple of days.

Barcelona is actually kind of “empty” during the month of August. A lot of people take their summer vacation now and even most stores and restaurants close for a couple of weeks. Europeans LOVE their vacation! Can you imagine anything like that ever happening in America?

So here’s a little taste of first day back home. More coming soon!

First stop… coffee!!!

Then headed to the bakery for some freshly baked, warm bread

Off to the market for some fresh fruits and veggies. La Boqueria is one of the biggest, most popular markets in the city…

… where you can find the freshest, most amazing produce. It’s like having your own garden in the backyard…Β  without all the work πŸ™‚

And maybe fresh fish for dinner?

After dropping off the groceries, having lunch and a little siesta, a nice little walk around the city.

Barcelona has some of the most amazing architecture in Europe. Beautiful buildings everywhere!

“La Pedrera”, one of Gaudi’s most famous masterpieces